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CSCMS Product Demo

CSCMS is an acronym for Charter School Compliance Management System.  CSCMS is a general-purpose, Web-enabled platform that can be customized to any organization that monitors adherence of a group of entities to a well-defined compliance scheme.  At the core of CSCMS is a complex task-based engine that contains the business-specific compliance schedule.   This application is uniquely suited to the Authorizer/Designee roles associated with a Charter School operation.  The system was conceived and designed with the Charter School environment in mind.  CSCMS brings consistency to the Authorizer treatment of Charter Schools in your District. 

The CSCMS platform provides the following modules: 

o  Compliance Schedule Builder       o  District wide and Specific School Calendar Administration

o  Complying Entity Administration   o  Compliance Reports

o  Compliance Task Assessment     o  Electronic Documents

o  User Administration                     o  Electronic Assessment Visits

For more information on CSCMS, please send an e-mail to info@critical-elements.comTo participate in a demonstration of the system, please follow the instructions. To enter the CSCMS Demo site, please left click the following hypertext link below.  Using the CSCMS system is easy and intuitive.  Login instructions are as follows:

The CSCMS demo is set up with four Login Ids. One for the Authorizer/Monitor role, one for a Super Monitor or Supervisor role, one for a School Administrator or Designee role, and finally one for a System Administrator role. Please view the following list and use the login name you wish to investigate:

1.      Autorizer/Monitor: monitor1
2.      Super Monitor/Supervisor: super1
3.      Designee: designee1
4.      System Administrator: admin

The password for the demo is: cscms .

If you are starting to see the amount of work and space required for the monitoring of Charter Schools in your County growing, I would like to invite you to take a tour of the system.  Your County has a significant number of Charter Schools this year and will continue to grow in the coming years.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a system that stores all documents for you and is accessible through the web 24X7? To use the Demo of CSCMS, please go to the following web address: http://cscms.demo.k12ambit.net. Once in the system, browse thru CSCMS to see how our demo schools are graded on their compliance and automatically notified of past due items.


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