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RFID Technologies

Through its partnership with RFIDlogic, Critical Elements designed and developed a vertical middlware product and facilitated the implementation of several RFID-based projects.

Shadowfax is a specialized middleware platform for developing and deploying Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) applications. It enables easy and seamless integration between a variety of RFID hardware and any IT infrastructure. At the core of the Shadowfax platform is an intelligent Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine. The CEP engine is responsible for detecting RFID-based events occurring throughout the supply chain and translating them into meaningful business events.

Currently, Shadowfax can interchange data with target enterprise systems using the following interfaces:



  • XML

  • CSV flat files

For more information on Shadowfax and RFID related solutions, please send an e-mail to:

info (at) critical-elements.com


info (at) rfidlogic.com




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